Sea came into my life at a critical stage, when I was possibly at the most fragmented, frightened and compromised place I have ever been. The darkest night of the soul. I can trace the light coming back into my view to that exact day that she turned up.

Her rigorous commitment to the truth, in all of its shades and complex simplicity, kept bringing me back to earth when I was lost. Her love and coaching felt like it was creating new neural pathways in my brain, such that once I had received the healing, I was certainly changed forever. There was no going back. During the time that Sea and I were working together closely, the outer play of my life transformed as the inner metamorphosis continued. I navigated the toughest decisions and situations of my life so far in those few months, and Sea was my river guide, helping me find the warrior inside of me, as well as the grace and the laughter. Yes. There was SO much laughter. There is quite literally nobody like Sea Glassman. I know it sounds dramatic, but I feel like I owe my life to her.

Sea is bursting at the seams with wisdom, intuition and creativity. It takes courage to do the work. I would recommend Sea to anyone who is brave enough to live life as the fullest version of your Self.

Lisa Larn, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author “The Mama Sutras”



Thank you so much. You inspired me to turn my attention on me – I feel empowered, self respecting, masculine — sad and happy. All of it, girl – the whole shabang!

It is a turning point in becoming a fully realized man.

Thank you Sea.

Robert Sturman

Renowned Photographer and Artist



In one session- I discovered the root of one of my biggest blockages.

I was listening to exterior voices, and forgot about my own, I was obeying everyone else’s rules, but my own… until Sea’s guided journey led me recognize what mine sounded like…