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“SEA!!! Thank you SO much for what you have imparted to me in class today, and leading up to today! I honor your complete commitment to your teaching of Soul Emergence in Acting. What a paradigm shift. You teach the path and the tools to being what I have always dreamed of: Completely free as an actor, a medium, a Being…. My utter, deepest thank yous to you. You deserve Blessings upon Blessings.”

Francisca Michel, Actress

OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEA is AMAZINGLY full of LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

In only one meeting, youve spinned my world around – – you do divine work Sea! And I am grateful!

SEA sees the heart of ones journey & illuminates the souls emergence! She is gifted & guided by means connected to the core. When you work with her, you will know instantly, you were supposed to! It’s just one of those magic things – that when you meet, you feel so very very lucky!

THANK YOU SEA for entering my path!!!!!!”

April Hava Shenkman, Performance Artist, Writer

“I was pleasantly surprised by the way in which we tackled the material. The part of the journey that stands out in my mind the most is when you had me do the word- breath exercise which allowed the words to fully drop into my body while my mind was relaxed.

This brought up a myriad of emotions in me which words cant fully describe. I truly appreciate the spiritual approach taken towards the piece and honor the process completely.

On the sub-conscious level I’m sure things are/”magicis going on that I consciously cant comprehend. Thank you for sharing that time with me and bringing your divine energy into the space.”

Theron Cook, Actor

A Full explanation of the work by one actress:

“Since studying one-on-one with Sea Glassman I’ve been on a steeper learning curve than I can remember… Because of my background in a spiritual practice, I felt that I could only get back into acting, my great passion, if I could find a coach who would combine a sensitivity to the soul, my soul, everybodys soul, the worlds soul, with this great form of expression: Acting!

I found her. Sea is absolutely amazing.

A studied actress herself, Sea Glassman brings in years of experience as a healer and intuitive, and has a way ofscanningyou, as if she were to look directly into your energy field, where she determinesin a radar like way, what your hooks and blocks are BEFORE you begin to even touch on material.

Then she does about six weeks, in my case of One-on-One work, (which I highly recommend, so you get all of her for yourself, in which she prepares you to get to zero! The ‘cleaning the slate’ work, ‘coming to neutral’, that we know from acting training, well, Sea goes back even further than that. She begins before zero. She believes in order for your bedrock, your foundation as an actor to be fertile and solid, you can not just begin where you are at now. No, you first have to heal that which is blocking you. We started chipping away at the blocks that stood between myself and my clean slate, my open road, my vast sky of possibilities as an actress. I had several blocks. You name it: A germanic hook (my dad’s German), a load of doubt, severe resistance, the urge to look pretty (!), and the need to control. All masking the big one: Fear. Phew.

… with Sea’s incredibly, and I mean INCREDIBLY patient and gentle guidance, before, during and in between our weekly session, (and sometimes longer when the resistance/fear was too great to continue) I made it all the way to my clean slate and to beginning the material, which now, since we have done all this intense preparation, seems rather breezelike. Sort of like a reward.

due to Seas unique techniques and exercises, I am doing my best work. I had several experiences in my past acting training in which the performances I delivered came through me from ‘that’ place that is magic. Those moments which you live for as an actor, I guess. And my problem was, I did not know how I had done it. And I did not know how to do it again and again and again. So, I knew THIS is what I needed a coach for. To teach me how to do the magic that impacts others and makes myself feel like Ive just been touched by God.

In the past, in acting class, I felt sort of left to my own wits to figure it out. Not with Sea. She’ll guide you DIRECTLY. Shell give you the perfect tools for finding THE PRESENT MOMENT, or shell give you a breathing exercise, or whatever, but she will guide you to your harvest. The other thing about Sea Glassman is: She does not believe in brutalizing her students. If there is a block, great, it gives her something to work with to get to the gold, thats how she sees it, and the results are AMAZING. Its a little bit like Alchemy. And the namemystery schoolis well chosen for her acting school.

While using Sea’s techniques, I have felt that the whole world of the character I am investigating is beingdownloadedinto my conscious and I guess my subconscious selves too. The result is that I am FULL: emotional, real, present, expansive, alive.

Alive! This is one of the side effects that you may experience when you study with Sea. Your sense of being in the moment, being present, knowing yourself, and feeling intensely passionately ALIVE, yes, may well be noticed. You may also find yourself connecting more with others. In short, you are healing!

I am immensely grateful that someone such as Sea exists. That she exists here and that she has the vision of creating an acting school that will make a mark in the industry, as it will be a place from where artists will come forth that are coming from a place of deep integration with their whole selves when they perform. I am proud to be one of her students.

Well equipped with meditative and breathing preparation, and character work, which I have not even mentioned here, but which she teaches so organically, and straight to the point, so potently, that it clothes the prepared actor who is now ready to enter any audition space, any stage, and read opposite the most intimidating of partnersbecause when you know your Self and have your own soul as a foundation to build on, you know innately that you are a gift to those who come your way. And from that place of beingness, from that sigh, comes expansion, connection, gratitude and a celebration of the arts. And this, I guess, is what this is all about. The path that we are on. Oh, one last thing. With Sea, the acting journey does become about the journey, not the Oscar at the end of it. And that puts you back into a place from which you can ENJOY it all……

I am also beginning to understand that what an actor needs to do is to immerse herself in life, in many various life situations and relationships and endeavors, so that she can get to know herself in those circumstances, and then, is able to draw from that for her performances. I see where compassion is the key to entering the otherand that entering the other is the key tobeing them‘…

i am filled with joy and gratitude as i step, or rather glide, from one Now into the next. I am immensely grateful. I’m thrilled… and can’t wait to continue with our work…Thank you.

With Love,

Francisca Michel,”Actress

Los Angeles November 2009

“I highly recommend this course. Sea has changed my acting career as well as my life after a 15min session. I was lost, confused and had given my power to others. Sea helped me gain focus, clarity and empower myself. My life has changed drastically since working with Sea – I got myself out of a bad living situation immediately, my acting is intense, focused and uninhibited, plus I am in complete charge of my life.”

EMMA OWEN, London, Actress



Sea Glassman is a gift who appeared in my life at the perfect time. This kind of serendipity is part of who she is. Seemingly magically, yet firmly grounded in reality and practicality, Seas spiritual coaching powerfully and compassionately gave me insights directly into my soul. Almost immediately, she helped me see a major emotional block that’s been restricting me for more than half of my life. Then she helped me open that block and experience a free flow of my energy, creativity, and joy. If youre open to having real Angels in your life, Sea Glassman is open to helping you live your highest dreams.

Kent Corbell, Producer, Designer


SYD RUSHING, Writer’s Boot Camp Graduation Speech

“……..Soul Writing. With my ten page animation sampler she reiterated, “You need a rewrite. ” I said “sure, I’ll do a component rewrite, a craft rewrite and a — –” She whispered hard into my stubbornness, “You need to do a spiritual rewrite.” “Whew!” All I could think of was, “this chic is deep!” “Okay. I’ll do a spiritual rewrite.” WHAT’S a spiritual rewrite? Like a spiritual boomerang those words zapped me into the bottom rack of my spinal chord, harpooned into my heart and came out somewhere on the other end of epiphany for the soul. She said,What does your soul need to say? Because your soul needs to be on every page of this script. Go through and put your soul on every page.”

Something happened on a profound and revolutionary level. I stopped listening and adhering to the rhythm of an unseen, shameless soulful truth. I closed my ears to the parade of thumping voices. Robert McKee, Linda Seger, Syd Field, the new guru flavor of the month, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Then I began reading the Greenlight Scripts for WBC, helping my fellow WBC writers 150 per cent with their projects and listening to the ebb and soul of my own unique writers voice. A turning point began.

From helping others unselfishly, the learning curve was deepened. I could now write a half decent premise line and spot a conceitful project a thousand kilometers away. Life was good. Ultimately, it has to be called Soul Writing because we give endless years of dedication not knowing where it will all end up.

Soul Writing. But with soul writing we have to give back to each other as writers. What you give you get back. Pay it forward. What you dont give back rots and could set back another writers diving board to greatness happening sooner. We are spirit. Write with your spirit. But heres the fresh conceit in listening to your soul. Just because someone hasnt green lighted your film doesnt mean it cant be made by you. As writers we are ordained to a pact listening to our souls and taking our power back from the bottom of the food chain to the top where it belongs. Working three jobs and going to Writer’s Boot Camp, I had one cent to my name but I made it. Today, I have three cents to my name and an insatiable drive to write with my soul. No agent yet. No option yet. But I cowrote a film that recently debuted at the DGA. I wrote three screenplays in three weeks. And I produced several of my own works on the stage. I didnt wait. I listened and acted on my souls passion. If anything, thats the one gift I hope all writers from WBC will take with them and forward in the careers that choose them. Thank you, Sea Glassman, for being my angel. ”

Syd Rushing, Screenwriter

FILMMAKER RECOMMENDATION- Awaken Your Riches, Creative Consultant

Sea is a wonderful, diligent and inspirational filmmaker who can also be an ally on your movie. Sea helped me and is a brilliant visionary, one who can lift your spirits and ideas to a new level. I heartily recommend her skills, patience and vision.”


CEO, Producer


Recommendation to Sea Glassman’s “Soul Emergence: The Actor’s Process as Spiritual Path,” A Mystery School of Acting

A personal reflection by student Elisa Noemí, September 28, 2011

Before, I lived in the ‘not-now, later’…in the past, in the pushed away future, in fantasy, in fear. Before, I lived in my head and my head wore a crown of gaudy gold too small for my skull, too small for my soul, it gave me a headache.

Now, I am beginning anew with each memory, with each breath. I am beginning, I am a beginner. I am rebuilding vocabulary, I am rewriting my life, retelling the stories, allowing my stories to change and my self to be seen. In the mirror. In your eyes. I will not look away. See me, do you see me? Help you help me to be seen. To see. Let me see you. I am new, every encounter, anew. I am excited to meet you. I am daring to try. I am open to what you have to teach me. I am reaching out of this box. I am unpacking the box my creativity was stuck with in. I am breaking it down, taking it apart, looking at the pieces and building new foundations. I am grounded in breath. I am grounded in tools and techniques, available at my fingertips, capable at my will.

Before, I felt plagued by a long to-do list that went undone. Negative thinking and Negative words like: scared, doubt, worry, stress, expectation, competition, self-hate, I can’t, what if, but, shouldn’t, won’t, why, no, I don’t know…

Now, in the words of another miracle teacher, “I know that the unknown is known to me.”

In between Before and Now, I was aware enof to notice the negativity weighing me down heavy and cold, I was aware enof to notice deep in my bones that these fears were not me, and that they were holding me back from reaching my great potential.

This is not a new thought: I truly believe that we Humans are all capable of more than most of us are aware of. We have tremendous potential and ability to exact our dreams. I was using up most of my forces of discipline and determination towards self-destruction, rather than towards devotion and creativity.
There are many spiritual leaders pushing Humanity towards Possibility Consciousness, and Sea Glassman is a teacher of schools of liberation. It is revolutionary that her work reaches towards Actors, because we actors have tremendous potential to dig deep into the core of (our own) humanity and truly inspire the world.

(thunder just boomed from the heavens as I wrote that last sentence!_Although it is not raining…not here, not yet!)

I sought out Sea because I was on a quest to save my own life by following the stirrings of my passion for performance. The description of her work spoke to me deeply, (flash of lightning in the sky) so deep it was nearly unrecognizable (low long rumble of thunder). I chose to dare, to trust the whispered “Yes….Yesssss…Yes!” that pulled me towards her teachings like the tide. Once in the water, that whisper (thunder again!) became louder and stronger and more pronounced, along with the freeing of my own unique voice.

This is not to say it was all easy. And when I write in the past tense, it is only for story-telling purposes. Really, all that I write right now, it true in the now: as I site by the window, watching the gry sky light, rumble and roar. Still no rain, not here, not yet…

(thunder) The gift of working with Sea is that the work is long-lasting. The home-work unfolds, and I the student, become more and more capable of self-teaching, self-directing. (lightning flash…calm thunder roll) It is the work of a Life Time, for the artist who dares to live Actively in each moment of breath, of Life, for the person who is willing to dive deep into the sea of their own self, to discover colorful fishes and coral and face demons, darkness and depths…and with new eyes and strong strides, swim past illusions to perceive (thunder) the unknown anew: with wonder, with excitement, with awe!

Sea is a teacher, and she practices what she preaches. She lights up the space with her present presence, her commitment. It’s contagious. Its liberating. By actively doing away with limitation stories, Sea guides her student towards new scripts. (My cat just crawled into my lap) She teaches that every moment is alive and I can be too – if I choose to live, if I choose to say Yes – the windows of opportunity open in natural time, like a rose, (cat went off in search of something new) revealing layers upon layers, windows to doors and doors within doors.

But we have to do the work! I have to do the work. I am doing the work, which enables me to write these words, now. Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it finds you working.” By doing this work, I now have tools and techniques to notice and name my personal oppressors, meet my resistance with resilience, and set out on my own yellow brick road. The path is before me, and my eyes are closed, but I can see. A Guatemalan poet wrote, “Caminante, no hay camino, se hace el camino al andar.” Which is to say, traveler, there is no path, it is made in the walking. So, like Dr. Seuss urges, “When you step, step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s a great balancing act…And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾% guaranteed).”

I chose to step out on a limb, and trust Sea, and trust Me. I would highly recommend working with Sea, to anyone really willing to let go of the leash you are bound to, or the noose you are hung by, or the crutch or the handcuffs or the blindfold, or whatever is binding you. Whoever you are, if you are yearning to meet and embrace and liberate your own soul, if you are ready to meet the mirror and the world with bravery and authenticity, work with Sea. It is not easy. (the rain has arrived in sprinkles) There will be many voices trying to hold you back or slow you down. Work with Sea will hold a microphone to these voices so as to transcribe their messages. With keen listening skills, it will be revealed that those voices inside my head or your head are really just that – and not to be trusted. As those oppressive voices are acknowledged and put in their place, space within you will be liberated and the more encouraging, expansive, ethereal voices that support you on your way will be given more and more chances to speak and be heard. Dare to listen. Dare to Speak, speak and be free. Commit yourself. I am talking to you and I am talking to me. Do the work. Inspiration will find you.

(the thunder has hushed, rain has passed, even drops on the cement have vanished. the trees are all the greener cuz the sky is grey. on the horizon, peaks of blue blend between the clouds. the wind is strong and fresh as fall…)

Thank you for reaching for your dreams, dear Reader,

-Elisa Noemí