A Mystery School for Creativity

“The door to the imagination IS the door to the Divine.”

“We are the raw material from which we create, and thus,

who you are is the most important resource to cultivate.” 

Photo by Sea Glassman

I have been working very intensively, one on one, to establish a whole new set of tools and criteria from which to shape the acting craft in the coming century.

We are entering a time of expanded, conscious creativity and this new platform will be seen in the new cinema and theater…

 I teach an acting course called Soul Emergence: The Actor’s Process as Spiritual Path, an Acting Mystery School. It is like nothing I have ever studied or been a part of within the acting world. Soul based. Exploratory. Expansive. Challenging to the core. Destructive to the status quo and the various ways we have come to misidentify ourselves. The course has its base in the here and now, as well as the raw material of the souls at hand. It is a unique and honoring experience that bows to and elaborates on the nature of the individual and the gifts he or she brings to the table.

My desire is to set a whole new round of actors free within themselves to the extent that they become human beings of tremendous range and expression, unoppressed and bold, deep and unusual, who then burst forth onto the scene with the unique mark made by this high intentioned guidance. I am simply a facilitator of their journey to the riches within themselves, and its ensuing expression.

My course is an extraordinary experience, and there are many surprising challenges within it. Tools and techniques match new perspectives, and when coupled with participation in radical acts, tests, prepared and impromptu performances and service to the community, all contribute towards opening and pushing the actor to exploring and inhabiting the full range of her or his possibilities.

We are the raw material from which we draw our characters, and thus, who we are as people is the most important resource to cultivate.

And by the way, please know that I do not only teach within four walls, but out and about in the world, in parks, on mountain tops, in rivers, on street corners, in malls and other prime people watching areas… why be in a room?

It’s a mystery school…

Al the best on your journey,

Sea Glassman


This is a shamanistic approach to exploring the soul’s creative purpose and inclinations, and making the internal expression felt in the external world.


Actors, Writers, Directors, Singers, etc, will undergo an intensive and challenging exploration of the soul’s path as it parallels and informs the creative process: first journeying into the oppressors that bind to clear them, then submergence into the deepest self to reveal your true voice, uncovering the unique and passionate purpose and intention of your life in an active form conducive to manifesting in a timely fashion.


All techniques are soul based and are drawn from numerous influences (see below), as well as my thirty year dialogues and processes with higher consciousness teachers.


Inquire about dates for the Next Master Class. There are also ongoing scene study classes… call to find out dates.


The focus is to assist you in how to find and create material that resonates with you, as well as writing exercises to encourage you to write your own material for performance.


The 6 week session is challenging, profound and soul based.


What we TOUCH on in this course:
– Starting with Emptiness: The Zen of Zero – Monologues for Auditions. How to find material in accordance with Soul. What is before emptiness? Working with societal oppression.
– Chemistry & Availability: Emotional Authenticity with self, others, and in theatrical and cinematic dialogue. Scenes for Auditions.
– The Meisner Technique: Repetition, Emotional Preparation & Activity. Why you are enough as you are.
– Character Work: Creative Decisions in Accordance with the Soul. Culling aspects of the soul to form character.
– Working w/ Other Art Forms to create Unique Characters & Works.
– Performance & Production – Choosing and Using Classical, Modern & Original Texts.
– You Are Your Own Company: Helming Your Work


CAVEAT: This immersion is beyond what you might find in an acting course. I have to give you some clues as to what is taking place, but in the first session you will be introduced to ideas and techniques that I have never seen taught anywhere. The above guide serves as a simple indicator – the tip of the iceberg- rather than a curriculum.


The Class:
Blending 30 years of acting & directing with mystical shamanism and guided intuition, Sea Glassman accesses higher consciousness concepts and images that resonate with the individual artist, coaching her students through the creative process in a ‘soul to soul’ manner.
With an emphasis on physical, vocal, emotional and spiritual embodiment, the actor is empowered and freed to make extraordinary choices, thereby enhancing essence, talent, self awareness and quality of life.

Teachings from spiritual sources, including A Course in Miracles, Abraham-Hicks, Osho, the Secret, Bashar and St. Germain, come into play. Also on the playing field are techniques and tools from the Theater of Human Flourishing, which Sea developed as a participant in the games, dreams and exercises from the Theater of the Oppressed. 

A high commitment is requested. Classes include instruction in meditation, yogic breathing, physical awareness, classical and modern acting, and choosing as well as creating soul aligned material for performance. Actors will be videotaped. Readings from Spiritual Literature are required, discussed and applied. There is homework each week.

Classes are  2 1/2 – 3 hours long.


The Teacher:
Sea Glassman is a writer, director, painter, poet, produced playwright and filmmaker who has taught numerous creativity workshops, produced and directed countless plays, and in the past few years alone has cast over 300 actors and worked with over 70 writers to develop their material, while producing over 26 screenplay readings. An Artistic Director of her own theater companies, Sea has a BA in Film and Drama from Vassar College, was trained in London with teachers from the Old Vic, RADA and LAMDA, at Neighborhood Playhouse under Sandy Meisner, at Harvard’s ART under Bob Brustein, and with Williamstown creator Nikos Psacharapolous in NYC. She has also done extensive energy work and spiritual counseling in the Healing Arts, and is a yoga teacher. Her work as a Guided Intuitive and Career Visionary is threaded into her teaching practice. She performs her original works , including short stories, songs, and poetry, regularly throughout Los Angeles. Her focus is soul oriented, concentrated on freeing the actor for ultimate connectedness to the soul and world at large.


Classes begin in January in Los Angeles, and Intensives are being planned in the English speaking countries for 2012. Actors and all types of creators are welcome to attend classes or go through the One on One Coaching sessions. Upcoming 5 Day Intensive Courses will be offered in London, Brighton, New Zealand, Australia, as well as Greece and France (2013).



A Letter from one of my One on One Soul Emergence acting students:


“Since studying one-on-one with Sea Glassman I’ve been on a steeper learning curve than I can remember… Because of my background in a spiritual practice, I felt that I could only get back into acting, my great passion, if I could find a coach who would combine a sensitivity to the soul, my soul, everybody’s soul, the world’s soul, with this great form of expression: Acting!


I found her. 


Sea is absolutely amazing.


A studied actress herself, Sea Glassman brings in years of experience as a healer and intuitive, and has a way of ‘scanning’ you, as if she were to look directly into your energy field, where she determines -in a radar like way-, what your hooks and blocks are BEFORE you begin to even touch on material.


Then she does about six weeks, in my case of One-on-One work, (which I highly recommend, so you get all of her for yourself, in which she prepares you to get to zero! The ‘cleaning the slate’ work, ‘coming to neutral’, that we know from acting training, well, Sea goes back even further than that. She begins before zero. She believes in order for your bedrock, your foundation as an actor to be fertile and solid, you can not just begin where you are at now. No, you first have to heal that which is blocking you. We started chipping away at the blocks that stood between myself and my clean slate, my open road, my vast sky of possibilities as an actress. I had several blocks. You name it: A germanic hook (my dad’s German), a load of doubt, severe resistance, the urge to look pretty (!), and the need to control. All masking the big one: Fear. Phew.


… with Sea’s incredibly, and I mean INCREDIBLY patient and gentle guidance, before, during and in between our weekly session, (and sometimes longer when the resistance/fear was too great to continue) I made it all the way to my clean slate and to beginning the material, which now, since we have done all this intense preparation, seems rather breeze-like. Sort of like a reward.


due to Sea’s unique techniques and exercises, I am doing my best work. I had several experiences in my past acting training in which the performances I delivered came through me from ‘that’ place that is magic. Those moments which you live for as an actor, I guess. And my problem was, I did not know how I had done it. And I did not know how to do it again and again and again. So, I knew THIS is what I needed a coach for. To teach me how to do the magic that impacts others and makes myself feel like I’ve just been touched by God.


In the past, in acting class, I felt sort of left to my own wits to figure it out. Not with Sea. She’ll guide you DIRECTLY. She’ll give you the perfect tools for finding THE PRESENT MOMENT, or she’ll give you a breathing exercise, or whatever, but she will guide you to your harvest. The other thing about Sea Glassman is: She does not believe in brutalizing her students. If there is a block, great, it gives her something to work with to get to the gold, that’s how she sees it, and the results are AMAZING. It’s a little bit like Alchemy. And the name “mystery school’ is well chosen for her acting school. 


While using Sea’s techniques, I have felt that the whole world of the character I am investigating is being ‘downloaded’ into my conscious and I guess my subconscious selves too. The result is that I am FULL: emotional, real, present, expansive, alive. 


Alive! This is one of the side effects that you may experience when you study with Sea. Your sense of being in the moment, being present, knowing yourself, and feeling intensely passionately ALIVE, yes, may well be noticed. You may also find yourself connecting more with others. In short, you are healing! 


I am immensely grateful that someone such as Sea exists. That she exists here and that she has the vision of creating an acting school that will make a mark in the industry, as it will be a place from where actors will come forth that are coming from a place of deep integration with their whole selves when they perform. I am proud to be one of her students. 


Well equipped with meditative and breathing preparation, and character work, which I have not even mentioned here, but which she teaches so organically, and straight to the point, so potently, that it clothes the prepared actor who is now ready to enter any audition space, any stage, and read opposite the most intimidating of partners… because when you know your Self and have your own soul as a foundation to build on, you know innately that you are a gift to those who come your way. And from that place of beingness, from that sigh, comes expansion, connection, gratitude and a celebration of the arts. And this, I guess, is what this is all about. The path that we are on. Oh, one last thing. With Sea, the acting journey does become about the journey, not the Oscar at the end of it. And that puts you back into a place from which you can ENJOY it all……


I am also beginning to understand that what an actor needs to do is to immerse herself in life, in many various life situations and relationships and endeavors, so that she can get to know herself in those circumstances, and then, is able to draw from that for her performances. I see where compassion is the key to entering the other… and that entering the other is the key to ‘being them’…



i am filled with joy and gratitude as i step, or rather glide, from one Now into the next. I am immensely grateful.

I’m thrilled… and can’t wait to continue with our work…



Thank you

With Love,


Francisca Michel

Los Angeles November 2009